Autoarea seriei „Divergent”, Veronica Roth, scrie o noua serie

Veşti foarte bune! Autoarea seriei Divergent, Veronica Roth, scrie o noua serie.

Spre deosebire de Divergent, de data aceasta, cărţile vor avea ca protagonist un personaj de sex masculin. Zvonurile spun că aceasta noua serie va fi un fel de Star Wars şi că s-a putea sa aibă ceva personaje extraterestre, iar intriga va fi despre răzbunare şi răscumpărare. Puteţi citi mai multe, în comunicatul de presă de la The Associated Press de mai jos.


NEW YORK (AP) — Veronica Roth fans can start the countdown.

The “Divergent” author is set to write a new two-book series, HarperCollins Children’s Books told The Associated Press on Monday. The books currently are untitled, with the first one expected in 2017 and the next in 2018.

Roth and her publisher offered few specifics, beyond saying the series is in “the vein of ‘Star Wars’” and will tell of a boy’s “unlikely alliance” with an enemy.

“Both desperate to escape their oppressive lives, they help each other attain what they most desire: for one, redemption, and the other, revenge,” the publisher announced.

In a recent email to the AP, Roth wrote that “The idea started with a character. All the other elements — setting, world, even a substantial portion of the plot — came after.” She added that while she had a “pretty detailed” outline for the new series, she was still in the early stages of writing.

“That’s why I’m being so vague,” she explained.

“Divergent,” a Dystopian trilogy Roth completed in 2013, has sold more than 30 million copies and along with Suzanne Collins’ “The Hunger Games” and John Green’s books helped perpetuate the strong growth of young adult novels. The first “Divergent” movie, starring Shailene Woodley as teen heroine Tris Prior, came out a year ago and quickly earned more than $100 million at the box office. Three more movies are planned, starting with the March 20 release of “Insurgent.”

A Chicago resident, the 26-year-old Roth was still in college when she began “Divergent,” writing it in her jammies while on winter break from Northwestern University. She is now one of the world’s most popular authors.

“I think I’d have to be a robot not to occasionally worry about expectations!” she wrote to the AP. “But mostly I try to trust my instincts. It helps that I’m really in love with this project — that makes it a joy to work on.

“I’ve been really taking my time with it,” she said of the new series. “I’ve written huge sections a certain way only to cut them and start again. I’ve stepped away for a while, to work on other things, and then come back when I have better perspective. I’ve been more patient with myself and with the story. I’ve expanded my collection of comfortable pants and snack foods. It’s all working quite well so far.”


21 de răspunsuri la „Autoarea seriei „Divergent”, Veronica Roth, scrie o noua serie

  1. Pana atunci, eu astept sa prind la un pret bun „Four”, sa o citesc pe toata, pentru ca nu am citit decat parti din ea si sa o adaug la colectie.

    • Mie imi place foarte mult cum scrie si am adorat trilogia Divergent. O sa imi cumpar cu siguranta cartile pentru ca sunt cutioasa sa vad ce lume noua si interesanta mai creeaza.

      • Am primul volum, dar nu m-am apucat inca de el. Este cineva care ma bate la cap sa o citesc mai repede, dar se ivesc altele in fata ei. Ori o sa astept sa mi le iau si pe restul, ori il citesc pe primul.

      • Si eu mi le doresc nespus pe toate,dar nu vreau sa le imprumut de la altii,ci vreau sa fie ale mele personal!

      • Doar ce a aparut volumul 3, probabil daca mai asteptati o sa se comercializeze toata trilogia la pachet si o sa aiba un pret mai bun.

    • Pai, pana tunci citesti si Alegiant si imi spui si mie cum ti s-a parut. SUnt foarte curioasa sa aflu si parerile altor cititori.
      Mentionez ca nu apuc sa citesc recenzii. Comentariile la mine pe blog le citiesc, ca ar fi nesimtire din partea mea sa nu bag in seama persoanele care scriu pareri.

      • Vreau să citesc vol. 3, după ce recitesc primele două volume, fiindcă cel puțin acțiunea din primul volum am cam uitat-o. Îți spun părerile mele când termin.

      • Nu prea inteleg cum vine chestia,adica este Divergent,Experiment,Insurgent,iar Alegiant si Four sunt din aceeasi editie?

      • NU. Scuze. Eu am citit volumul 3 in engleza si am ramas cu titlul Allegiant. E defapt experiment in romana
        Four sunt cateva povesti din perspectiva personajului Four si este carte separata

      • A,interesant….am inteles ca acum se filmeaza pentru unul dintre filme,doi sau trei parca,nu-i asa?

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